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  • Language Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills

Q &T & L

Singing the ABC's; finding pictures of animals that begin with T, L, and Q; sharing informational videos of a tasmanian devil, liliger, and a quokka.

Instructions Printer-Friendly

  • Ask child to think of an animal that begins with T - turkey, toad, tiger, turtle, etc.
  • Find picture of an animal beginning with T  and put into binder ( Easy way to find pictures is to type “Free pictures of animals” in internet search engine)
  • Watch this ferocious animal here
  • Ask child to think of an animal that begins with L - ladybug, lamb, leopard, lion, etc.
  • Find picture of an animal beginning with L and put into binder 
  • See a baby liliger here.  Dad is a lion and mom is a tiger....
  • Ask child to think of an animal that begins with Q - quail, quokka, quoll, etc. (not too many!)
  • Find picture of an animal beginning with Q and put into binder 
  • Watch a different 'Q' animal named quokka here
  • Looking at an alphabet chart see if child can find the Q  T and L
  • Sing the alphabet song slowly.  While singing together ask child to point to all the correct letters on an alphabet chart when singing their letter name.

*Old newspapers and magazines are an alternative to finding pictures on the internet or child can draw his own 


  • INYW? animal binder
  • internet access and printer or old magazines/newspapers
  • alphabet chart (you can make your own if you don't already have one)

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Curriculum Plan Resources

Skills Focus

  • Shape - Oval
  • Color - Brown
  • Number - Nine, 9
  • Alphabet Letters - Q, T, L
  • Senses - Sight
  • Character Trait - Friendliness
  • Target Words - Fast, Front, Sort, Same

Monthly Proverb

Spanish - Tell me who you’re with and I’ll tell you who you are

Did You Know?

"The brain develops rapidly during the first five years and quality preschool programs can have a profound impact during this time.” CA First 5

Books to Read

"Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On"
by Lois Ehlert (Activity 7)

"Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?"
by Bill Martin (Activity 8) (audio book available) (NOTE: Please look for the 25th anniversary edition where the text is back to the original wording)

"Old Henry"
by Joan Blos (Activity 12)

Music Playlist

"The Alphabet Song"
Album: Big Don’s Big Beat (Activity 5)

"Por Una Cabeza by Carlos Gardel"
Album: The Very Best (Activity 20)

"The Turtle Song"
by Suzi Shelton Album Simply Suzi (Activity 11)

Monthly Materials List

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Fingerplay / Poems / Songs

There Was A Little Turtle

(Activity 11 Month 11)

There was a little turtle who lived in a box.

He swam in the water, he climbed on the rocks.  

He snapped at a mosquito, he snapped at a flea, he snapped at a minnow and he snapped at me.

He caught that mosquito, he caught that flea, he caught that minnow, but he didn’t catch me.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

(Activity 19 Month 11)

Now I lay me down to sleep.  

I’ll count these hands instead of sheep.  

Help me to remember these friends I made.      

And all the wonderful times we played.