Helping adults prepare children for kindergarten and life.


Volume One is the first step in the INYW? curriculum plan. It is consists of 26 hands-on activities each month for twelve months plus additional resources. To begin, click on Month 1 below and complete all 26 activities in any order you choose. Don't forget to check "completed" box when finished. 

When completed with all 26 activities in Month 1,continue to Month 2. The "Skills Focus" in the activity box quickly shows you what skills are being focused in that month. We suggest a team-approach (link to learning) by using the activities of INYW? with a preschooler and all the other adults helping to prepare a child for kindergarten/first grade.

Volume One is recommended for children ages 3-7 as most activity provide a way to "simplify" and "extend" the activity based on your child's age and level. Have fun!

Volume 1: Curriculum Plan