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Show #7: Ways to Teach Respect

Teaching Respect


  • Adult and Child
  • Bedroom/Bathroom or Other Door for Knocking


  1.  Ask a child to go into their bedroom and you close the door from the hallway
  2. Now knock on the door and ask if you can come into their bedroom
  3. Have a role reversal and now you enter your bedroom and close the door.  Have the child knock on the door and ask if they can come in
  4. Teaching a child to wait until you give permission to enter is a show of respect 


  • The first 5 years are critical in how a child learns to learn. By the age of 2 they are mimicking adult behavior and that is why it is crucial that we as adults role model being respectful.
  • Chat with a child about respect.  Use words such as politeness or courtesy.  It’s a good way to increase a youngster’s vocabulary.  Showing consideration or listening to someone talking without interrupting are other ways to show respect. 
  • Ask a child to think of ways to show respect that a preschooler can do.  For example, greeting friends and family with a hello and a hand shake- acknowledging their presence is a simple act of respect.


  1. "Whoever You Are" by Mem Fox This book shares that we are all human and need to respect our diversity.
  2.  "Chrysanthemum" by Kevin Henkes The book discusses bullies, inappropriate behavior and the need for respect.
  3. "Cookies: Bite-size Life Lessons" by Amy Rosenthal This book through cookie making shares many character traits along with respect. 

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