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 Knock first! Teaching respect

Instructions Printer-Friendly

  • Preschoolers often mimic behavior.  To teach respect an adult must show respect as preschoolers are watching
  • A simple idea is to practice knocking on closed doors and asking to enter.  This shows respect and is easy for adults to model when they want to enter a child’s bedroom, bathroom, etc.
  • Teach child to knock on closed doors before entering and to ask for permission to enter.  For example, child knocks on closed bedroom door and asks "Mom, may I please come in?"


When you are with a child, remember to be kind and respectful of them in all situations.  Listen to them while looking at them eye to eye or asking them for their opinion or suggestions are other easy ways to show and teach respect.


  • door for knocking

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Curriculum Plan Resources

Skills Focus

  • Shape - Star
  • Color - Violet
  • Number - Review
  • Alphabet Letters - S, V
  • Senses - Touch
  • Character Trait - Respect
  • Target Words - Hot, Soft, Above, Below

Monthly Proverb

Scottish-He that is wise can make a friend of a foe

Did You Know?

"The foundations of social competence that are developed in the first five years are linked to emotional well-being and affect a child’s later ability to functionally adapt in school and to form successful relationships throughout life." National Scientific Council on the Developing Child

Books to Read

"The Monster At The End of This Book"
by Jon Stone (Activity 13)

"Beach Ball"
by Peter Sis (Activity 7)

"Mouse Paint"
by Ellen Stoll Walsch (Activity 8)

Music Playlist

"A - You’re Adorable"
by Perry Como Album The Very Best of Perry Como (Pop)(Activity 4)

"Hello, My Name is Joe"
by Ellen and Peter Allard Album Sing It! Say It! Sway It! Vol. 2 (Children) (Activity 1)

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
by Ella Jenkins Album Early Early Childhood Songs (Children) (Activity 3)

Monthly Materials List

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Fingerplay / Poems / Songs

Nursery Rhyme

(Activity 26 Month 7)

Star light, Star bright

Star light, Star bright

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have the wish I wish tonight