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Show #2: Teaching the #2

Learning #2 with Jello


  • package of blue gelatin or jello
  • cookie sheet, jelly roll pan or large platter with sides


  1. Place dry blue gelatin in a jelly roll pan or flat cookie sheet with sides
  2. Let child draw 2 circles in the dry gelatin
  3. Let child draw 2 squares in the dry gelatin
  4. Draw the number 2 in the gelatin
  5. Write the word two in the gelatin


Let child open the gelatin box and use hands to spread out on pan to make a smooth surface. (using motor skills) Any color of gelatin will work  - on the website we are also learning about the color blue so we used blue gelatin.  If a child doesn’t  know what a circle or square looks like, draw one in the gelatin and let child copy with his finger the shape in the gelatin.  Do the same with the number (two) or numeral 2 .

This idea helps to develop language and listening skills - the word circle, following directions to make 2 squares, and math skills by recognizing 2 objects.
Remember, this activity is to help a child learn about the number 2 or shapes so aid a child when needed so they feel they are successful.
Some additional ways to reinforce the number two is to ask a child to:

  • Hold up two fingers
  • Count aloud to two (one, two)
  • Write on paper the numeral  “2” and say the word
  • Write on paper the word “two” and say the word
  • Pick up two objects
  • Jump or clap 2 times
  • Recite a fingerplay that contains the number 2 (Way Up High In An Apple Tree, One Two Buckle My Shoe, etc.)
  • Find the numeral “2” on a ruler
  • Find the numeral “2” on a phone or keyboard
  • Point to the three letters in the word “two” on an alphabet chart
  • Pour into a measuring cup 2 ounces of water
  • Pour into a quart container 2 cups of water
  • Roll a die until 2 dots appear
  • Whisper 2 words


  1. " Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On" by Lois Ehlert
  2.  "Beach Ball" by Peter Sis

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