Helping adults prepare children for kindergarten and life.

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This website is FREE to all. You may use the site without signing up. Signing up is FREE allowing an adult to keep track of completed activities on the site. The site enables any adult to provide learning activities regardless of daycare or school involvement.


For easy and regular use of the site, select the Skills by Month option, and click on 1 Skills Focus which takes you to Month 1 Activities. You will find 26 different activities to share with a child age 7 and under that require materials you probably have at home. If you have signed up, you are able to check the complete box for each activity so you or another caregiver can try a different activity. There are 12 months of activities that can be started at any time. 


Select an activity - watch the video or read the directions on how to share the idea with a child.  Look at how to Simplify or Extend the activity depending on the individual child and ask the questions to help develop a special relationship with a child. AND the best part is there are no worksheets - just having fun while learning - that is always FREE. Contact us if you need more suggestions. 

Click here for a song to help children learn about wearing masks during COVID19