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Reviewing letters A and E

Month 1 · Activity 9 ·   Colors  


  • Again, you will need a snack size of vanilla (yellow) pudding
  • Smooth the pudding on the plate and put an apple at the top of the plate. Ask the child to write the correct letter that begins apple in the pudding. (A)
  • Hold up one finger and ask child to draw the correct number of fingers in the pudding.
  • Remove the apple and place an egg at the top of the plate. Ask the child to write the letter that begins the word egg in the pudding.(E)
  • Praise child and ask him to write the first letter of his name in the pudding
  • Have the adult write the word yellow in the pudding - saying aloud each letter as it is written
  • Ask the child to take one lick of  yellow pudding from his finger


Have the child write a word that start with A & E, not just the letter.


  • banana/vanilla (yellow) pudding
  • apple
  • egg
  • Language Skills
  • Math & Science Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills