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Read book "Little Blue and Little Yellow",  experience color yellow with sense of touch;  target words in and out

Month 1 · Activity 8 ·   Colors  


  • Read the book “Little Blue and Little Yellow” by Leo Lionni
  • Wash hands before beginning this activity
  • Give a child one container of a snack size vanilla or banana pudding. Depending on the brand of pudding and its color we can refer to this as yellow pudding
  • Have child put his finger in the yellow pudding to touch
  • Ask child how he would say the pudding feels, and then ask him to take his finger out of the yellow pudding.
  • Give the child one spoon and empty the pudding onto a flat plate. Smooth all of the pudding onto the plate with a spoon. 
  • Ask the child to draw with one finger one letter A in the pudding. Use the spoon to erase it.
  • Ask the child to draw the number 1 in the pudding, beginning at the top and going down.
  • Next, have the child draw the first letter of his name in the pudding.
  • Draw a square in the yellow pudding. Have some fun drawing capital A, number 1, the first letter of the child's name, and a square in the yellow pudding.


Let the adult write in the pudding first, as an example, and have the child trace over the letter, number or shape that you have drawn before erasing.


This is a great activity to practice spelling words, or math problems. 


  • Language Skills
  • Math & Science Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills