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Ball Bouncing (Gross Motor)

Ball bouncing with verbal skills

Month 6 · Activity 20 · Physical Activity  


  • Practice ball bouncing - let the child push the ball to the floor (dribble) and catch and let the child throw ball up in the air and catch
  • Add different ways to catch: bounce once and catch, bounce twice and catch, bounce and catch below knees, bounce and catch above knees, bounce above belly button, bounce pass to a partner, etc.  
  • Bounce and let the child think and say a word that begins with G (go, gather, good, game, etc.)
  • Bounce and let the child think and say a word that begins with Y (yellow, you, yo-yo, yell, etc.)

*A rubber playground ball about 8 inches in diameter works well with preschool size hands


It is easier to begin by bouncing a ball from adult to child for them to catch.  When they become good at catching, let them initiate their own bounce and catch

Here is a video to review the circle shape


Use different sizes of balls and different types of bounce balls (tennis balls, basketball, soccer ball, racquetball, small hi bounce balls, etc.)


What is your favorite sport that uses a ball and why?

Tell me who plays ball games with you the most? Do you like playing with balls?


  • playground ball ( 8 inch ball is ideal for small hands)
  • Language Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills