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Self Control

Learning patience

Month 10 · Activity 13 ·   Character Traits  


  • Waiting is a beginning step for developing self control
  • Putting puzzles together and playing games that take turns teach a child to wait, and is a good way to reinforce self control
  • Play a favorite game like Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, memory card games, lotto games, etc. and praise a child when waiting for his turn nicely
  • Playing a game with four participants means a longer wait time between turns and helps to reinforce self-control  


When child understands taking turns with adults, invite another child to play the game and see how taking turns occurs with a peer.  What we see as an adult can easily change with a different cast of participants.


  • child's favorite game or puzzle
  • Motor Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills