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Learning Phone Numbers

Memorizing an important phone number

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  • Say phone number (home, cell, office, etc.) you want child to remember aloud
  • Let child repeat the phone number - begin with area code and then the next 7 digits
  • Write the phone number on a white board
  • Let child copy the phone number on a white board
  • Write phone number again but erase one number
  • Let child fill in the missing number, always saying the number he is filling into the space
  • Repeat for each of the numbers


Learning a phone number is a necessary part of being prepared for an emergency.  Begin with memorizing just the area code.  Add the next three digits in the next few days.  Finally, add the final four digits.  Remember to review this information once it is learned


Using a toy or inactive phone, let child dial or punch in the numbers in the correct order.  


  • white board/chalkboard
  • white board markers/chalk

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Curriculum Plan Resources

Skills Focus

  • Shape - Star
  • Color - Violet
  • Number - Review
  • Alphabet Letters - S, V
  • Senses - Touch
  • Character Trait - Respect
  • Target Words - Hot, Soft, Above, Below

Monthly Proverb

Scottish-He that is wise can make a friend of a foe

Did You Know?

"The foundations of social competence that are developed in the first five years are linked to emotional well-being and affect a child’s later ability to functionally adapt in school and to form successful relationships throughout life." National Scientific Council on the Developing Child

Books to Read

"The Monster At The End of This Book"
by Jon Stone (Activity 13)

"Beach Ball"
by Peter Sis (Activity 7)

"Mouse Paint"
by Ellen Stoll Walsch (Activity 8)

Music Playlist

"A - You’re Adorable"
by Perry Como Album The Very Best of Perry Como (Pop)(Activity 4)

"Hello, My Name is Joe"
by Ellen and Peter Allard Album Sing It! Say It! Sway It! Vol. 2 (Children) (Activity 1)

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
by Ella Jenkins Album Early Early Childhood Songs (Children) (Activity 3)

Monthly Materials List

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Fingerplay / Poems / Songs

Nursery Rhyme

(Activity 26 Month 7)

Star light, Star bright

Star light, Star bright

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have the wish I wish tonight