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Growing a Plant

Learning about plants by growing a sweet potato vine

Instructions Printer-Friendly

  • You will need a small/medium size sweet potato, a glass jar to hold the sweet potato, four or five toothpicks
  • Fill the jar with water so the bottom of the potato is in the water
  • Insert the toothpicks to hold the sweet potato a few inches from bottom of glass jar but submerged in the water
  • Place the potato jar in a sunny spot
  • Let child check water level and add water when needed every day
  • Look for roots on the bottom of the potato
  • In one or two weeks leaves should be sprouting from the top
  • Continue to water as the vines grow
  • Review vocabulary of plant, roots, vines, and leaves
  • Optional: transplant into a pot


Share some sweet potatoes facts:  healthy as they are high in beta carotene, vitamins E, B-6 and C, potassium and fiber.  Have fun tasting a sweet potato - they can be baked, steamed, boiled, microwaved, fried, juiced, pureed or eaten raw.  Our first president, George Washington, grew sweet potatoes on his farm in Mount Vernon, Virginia.


  • small/medium size sweet potato
  • a glass jar to hold the sweet potato
  • four or five toothpicks 
  • water
  • light

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Curriculum Plan Resources

Skills Focus

  • Shape - Circle, Square
  • Color - Red
  • Number - Three, 3
  • Alphabet Letters - C, R
  • Senses - Smell
  • Character Trait - Manners
  • Target Words - On, Top, High, Low

Monthly Proverb

Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have them do to you

Did You Know?

“The human brain is 90% developed by age 5." Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

Books to Read

"Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners"
by Laurie Kelly (Activity 12)

"The Alphabet Book"
by P.D. Eastman (Activity 4)

"Goldilocks and the Three Bears"
by Jim Aylesworth (Activity 13)

Music Playlist

"Three Little Birdies"
by Bob Marley Album Legend (Reggae) (Activity 6)

"Race: The Final Starlight Express"
Album Starlight Express Original Cast (Broadway - Pop) (Activity 18)

"Clap Your Hands Now"
by Pam Donkin Album A Hop, Skip, and a Jump (Children) (Activity 15)

Monthly Materials List

Click Here to view the list!

Fingerplay / Poems / Songs

Way Up High In An Apple Tree

(Activity 26 Month 3)

Way up high in an apple tree

Two red apples look down at me

I shook that tree as hard as I could

Down came the apples

Mmmmmm they were good.

Peter (child’s name) Uses One Hammer

(Activity 21 Month 3)

Peter (use child’s name) hammers with one hammer one hammer one hammer 

Peter hammers with one hammer all day long (tap fist on the floor)

Pater hammers with two hammers, two hammers two hammers (tap other fist too) Peter hammers with two hammers all day long.

Peter hammers with three hammers, three hammers three hammers (add one  foot) Peter hammers with three hammers all day long.

Peter hammers with four hammers four hammers four hammers (tap other  foot too along with fists) Peter hammers with four hammers all day long.

Peter hammers with five hammers five hammers five hammers (use your head)  Peter hammers with five hammers And then he goes to sleep!