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 Finger Plays Activities

Finger-Plays are catchy & fun songs that can be done anywhere with no materials!

Activity Skills Focus

1 Social / Emotional Skills

Skills that develop children’s ability to understand the emotions of others and help children recognize and use appropriate social behaviors (for example, making friends). In the Department of Education report “Guiding Principles A Resource Guide for Improving School Climate of January 2014 it states “strategies such as social-emotional learning programs that address non-cognitive skills, including problem-solving, responsibility and resiliency, can also help students develop the skills needed to fully engage and thrive in the learning environment.”

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2 Language Skills

Skills that help children understand and communicate during early childhood. The alphabetic principle (knowing letter names and sound-letter matches) aids in language development and is enriched by verbal interactions with other children and adults (reading aloud and engaging in conversation).

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3 Math / Science Skills

Math and Science skills help children with problem-solving and reasoning.  Exploring numbers, patterns, and measurements by using math manipulatives (beads, counters, pennies) are all ways children develop their math skills. Asking questions about their surroundings, learning a science vocabulary (predict, observe), and having hands-on experiences with their environment can help develop their science skills.

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4 Motor Skills

Motor skills are actions that involve the movement of muscles in the body. They are divided into three groups:
1. gross motor skills, which are the larger movements of arms, legs, feet, or the entire body (crawling, running, and jumping)
2. fine motor skills, which are smaller actions, such as grasping an object between the thumb and a finger (pencils or scissors)
3. sensorimotor skills which use the five senses to guide physical motions as in eye-hand coordination.

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5 Problem Solving Skills

Skills that help with the construction of thought processes, including memory, problem-solving, and decision-making.

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