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Show #1: Colors

Color Hunt Game


  • Bag (pillowcase, shopping bag etc...)


  1. Give child a bag and ask him to find 4 red objects in the home and place in the bag 
  2. Next have child find and add 4 yellow objects to bag
  3. Finally, child adds 4 blue objects to bag
  4. Child will return bag to you
  5. Remove each object one at a time from the bag and let child tell you the color
  6. Together, return each object to correct space
  7. Objects can be anything!  (clothing, stuffed animals, notebooks, candies, markers, crayons, napkins, lids, washcloths, toys, etc.)
  8. For younger kids, give them a color sample to take with them so they can match colors. Send them off on their hunt with a red crayon or other red object since kids can match colors before they are able to pick out colors on their own.
  9. For older kids, try having them find “shades” of colors- crimson, maroon etc.
  10. After all 12 objects are collected, ask child to remove a red object, yellow object, and so on until all the objects are removed. You can make sets of 4 by putting the objects in the correct color pile
  11. Add a math skill by counting aloud the number of objects


  1. "Mouse Paint" by Ellen Stoll Walsh
  2. "Color Dance" by Ann Jonas
  3.  "Little Blue and Little Yellow" by Lio Lionni

These books also focus on colors and reading them is a great way to extend this activity. Children learn by repetition and play and reading is an easy way to repeat exposing a child to colors with fun books. Check your local library!

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