Helping adults prepare children for kindergarten and life.

Show #12: 3 Tips for Life Long Success


  1. preschoolers typically sleep 11-13 hours a night
  2. afternoon nap or quiet time can be beneficial
  3. sleep depravation signs: cranky, irritable, yawning, rubbing eyes, falling asleep in the car, having to wake up your child every morning.
  4. consider a bedtime routine (let child help create!) and stick to it most nights!


  1. take notice of how your child “learns best”
  2. know the kindergarten readiness checklist
  3. plan activities & time to play & educate your child


  1. make 20 minutes a day a habit
  2. engage child in reading: ask questions (opinion, comparison, prediction etc..)
  3. check list of age appropriate books on our website or ask your local librarian


  • “Extraordinary Parent” by Lynn Fielding