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Review Circle and Square

Using target word while reviewing shapes

Month 3 · Activity 3 ·   Shapes  


  • On child’s back, make large circle with your finger.  Ask child to tell you what shape you drew
  • Next, draw large square on child’s back.  Ask child to tell you what shape you drew.
  • Have child draw circle and square on your back.  See if you can tell them which shape they drew


Give child a round shape (lid to plastic container) and a square shape (cracker, napkin, book, etc.) to hold.  Let him hold up the correct object to tell you what shape you are drawing on his back.

When it is child's turn to draw on adult's back, let child hold a plastic round lid on your back for tracing and drawing a circle.  Find a square object for him to hold and trace for square shape.


Have adult draw a series of circles and squares on child's back and let child verbally tell you the sequence.  For example, draw a circle, circle, and square.  Ask child to tell you - circle, circle, square.  Try another series - circle, square, circle, square, square - and see if child can verbally recall the order.  Continue with different sequences and allow child to have success and failure. 


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