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Read book "The Greedy Triangle" and name shapes

Month 4 · Activity 2 ·   Shapes  


  • Read the book “The Greedy Triangle” by Marilyn Burns
  • Cut out a circle, triangle, and square shape with a child using red, blue, or yellow paper (use shapes from Activity 3 if you prefer)
  • Talk about the shapes - number of sides, corners, etc.  
  • Review the names of these shapes
  • Have child close eyes and hide a penny under one of the shapes
  • Ask child to guess where the penny is by naming a shape and color
  • Continue until each shape is used to hide a penny
  • Trade roles and let child hide the penny under a shape


Use just one shape to begin.  For example, place only a circle on the table and place the penny underneath.  Child needs to say name "circle" to look for the penny. Chat about how the circle looks - no corners, round like a tire or cookie.  Proceed by placing just the square on the table with penny and again let child say name "square" to look for the penny.  Do again with only the triangle shape placed on the table. Always chat about how the shapes look


  • Language Skills
  • Math & Science Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills