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Using Toliet

A fun use of video and song "Go, Flush, Wash, Dry"  to teach bathroom manners

Month 5 · Activity 24 · Lifeskills  


  • Here is a short video from England showing what to do after going to the bathroom:
  • Listen to the accent and different words used
  • Inform child that video was made in the country of England
  • Look at the map/globe and find England  
  • Listen to the song “Go, Flush, Wash and Dry” by Martin Kerr


Review with child how to flush a toilet - some toilets have different flush mechanism on top or side and in public places are often automatic.


Share with a child some of the ways that all people have the same bodies.  For example, everyone needs to sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, OR everyone needs to take breaths of air, have a beating heart, etc.  Encourage child to see how similar our bodies work whether we are old or young, white or black skin, girl or boy.


  • Language Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills