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Making Sun Prints

A fun sunny day activity

Month 10 · Activity 23 ·   Nature/Science  


  • Review the fingerplay, “Singing Time”  by Rose Fyleman

                         I wake up in the morning early

                         And always the very first thing

                         I poke up my head and I sit up in bed

                         And I sing and I sing, and I sing.

  • Ask a child some ways that they know it is morning (daylight outside, smell of breakfast, sun is out, alarm clock rang, etc.)
  • This activity needs a sunny day, dark construction paper, and five to eight small different objects that will fit on the paper - small block, scissors, small toys like a match box car, glue stick, etc.
  • Place the paper with the objects on top in a spot where the sun will shine for a few hours
  • Afterwards have child remove one object and see if the spot is darker than the rest of the paper
  • Remove all the objects looking at the darker shapes left on the paper.  
  • Talk about the strength of the sunlight and needing protection from the sun. Share that we live on a planet called Earth that moves around the Sun which is a yellow star.
  • Ask child to place the objects back on the paper, matching the shapes to the objects


Use just one object to place on the paper in the sun to show the strength of the sun.


Remove all the objects and see how quickly a child can match the shape on the paper to the objects.


  • sunny day!
  • dark construction paper
  • five to eight small objects that can fit on construction paper (small block, glue stick, toy car, etc.)
  • Language Skills
  • Math & Science Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills