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Learning About Swamps

Read "Deep In The Swamp" identify different animals, and use a map

Month 5 · Activity 22 · Nature/Science  


  • Read book “Deep in the Swamp” by Donna Bateman
  • Make a list of eight different animals from the book with each animal on a separate index card:  blue heron, rat snake, river otter, alligator, snapping turtle, damselfly, bull frog, crayfish - Write and say aloud letters in each animal name repeating name of animal when all letters are written
  • Child selects an index card and together read the animal name and find the selected animal in the book


Open book to the page that one of the eight animals is shown.  Ask child to locate the animal and let child point to the animal and say the name.


Look at a map of the United States and show the location of Okenfenokee Swamp Park in Waycross, Georgia.


  • Book “Deep in the Swamp” by Donna Bateman 
  • pencil
  • eight index cards/paper
  • map of USA (optional)

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