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First Name

Listen to song "What's Your Name" and finding sock letters

Month 4 Month 8 Month 11 · Activity 1 · Name Activity


  • Write child’s name on paper
  • Place magnetic letters to child’s name into a dark sock (if using all uppercase letters make sure name is written in uppercase - ideally you would use an upper case letter for the first letter and lower case letters for the remaining letters but.... not all magnetic letters are made that way)
  • Let child draw out one letter and match to letter in his name on the paper
  • Continue until all letters are placed correctly on written name
  • Listen to song " What's Your Name" by Mike Soloway


Together place the first two letters of child's name in the sock.  Let child select one letter from the sock and place on the correct letter of his name on the paper. Now, let child select the remaining letter from the sock and place on the correct letter in his name.  Continue to add next 2 letters at a time to the sock from child's name until complete name is spelled out.


Let child write his own name on the paper to match with the magnetic letters - watch for upper and lower case letters.


  • paper
  • pencil/marker
  • magnetic letters of child's name (can use any type of shape letter - wooden, paper, etc. we use a wooden alphabet puzzle that has each letter's shape)
  • dark sock
  • Song "What's Your Name" by Mike Soloway from album Hungry for Manners
  • Language Skills
  • Motor Skills