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Making Touch Cards

Sense of touch and making a matching game

Month 7 · Activity 19 ·   Art  


  • Make five pairs of matching touch cards with your child
  • Gather ten index cards and glue
  • Glue the same material on two index cards.  Materials you can use:  sand, popcorn, cotton balls, paper, fabric, seeds, etc.
  • Put one set of cards in a paper bag
  • Let child choose one of the remaining matching cards
  • Child puts hand in paper bag and find the match to card he chose
  • Find all five matching pairs


Make three pairs of matching cards instead of five. 


Use only one type of item with different variations.  For example, if using seeds use pumpkin seeds, peach pits, poppy seeds, etc. OR if using paper try sandpaper, waxy paper, cardboard, etc.


  • 10 index cards
  • glue
  • various materials
  • paper bag
  • Language Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills