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Making Mittens

Developing scissor and drawing skills

Month 1 · Activity 19 ·   Art  


  • Using a white sheet of construction paper trace around both hands of a child keeping fingers together and thumb apart like a mitten
  • A child can decorate by drawing on the mittens with crayons or using stickers
  • Help the child cut out the mitten shapes using blunt type scissors (it doesn't have to be perfect!)
  • Put mittens in a spot that shows you care about the work they do (bulletin board, refrigerator, the door of their room, etc.)


Use thin tissue paper instead of construction paper for drawing the mittens making it easier for cutting.  Cut with training scissors that open after closing when cutting or let the child tear around the mitten using fingers


Encourage the child to decorate one of the mittens and then make a matching mitten with the second mitten. 


Why would you wear a mitten?

Can you tell me what season of the year you would wear a mitten - Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter?

What is something you could do while wearing a mitten?


  • white paper
  • crayons or stickers
  • scissors - blunt edge for children
  • Motor Skills
  • Social Skills