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Listening to song "Race: The Final Starlight Express" and painting

Month 3 · Activity 18 ·   Art  


  • Look for a paperweight size smooth rock on a hike
  • Protect your work area with newspaper and have a paintbrush and red acrylic paint
  • Paint the rock
  • When the paint is dry, cover with a coat of Mod-Podge or non-yellowing clear sealer or varnish for durability (spray works best but spray away from the child)
  • Family can use as a paperweight or give as a present
  • While painting listen to song “Race: The Final Starlight Express” Broadway Cast Album or watch video here


Use a small piece of sponge held by a clothespin for painting if a brush is difficult to hold


Encourage a child to use different colors of paint along with the red paint to make a creative design. 

Chat about the song "Race: The Final Starlight Express" it a fast or slow song, are there words or no words, is it soft or loud music, etc. 


What type of music do you like to hear? 

When is your favorite time to listen to music?


  • Motor Skills