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Stop, Go, Slow, More

More "snack" please?

Month 6 · Activity 15 · Target Words  


  • Pour a small amount of a drink in a small cup.  After the child has drunk, ask if he would like more. After he says"Yes, I would like more, please", pour more of the drink into the cup.
  • Give the child a few crackers (grapes, raisins, etc.) to eat and ask if he would like more. After he says "Yes, I would like more, please", give the child more crackers. 
  • During the month, focus on reinforcing the concept of more while doing everyday happenings - eating (more food to eat), playing (more time to play), bedtime (more books to read at bedtime), etc. 
  • Introduce the sign language word for more.  Here is a video showing more in sign language
  • After making popcorn in Activity 16, Month 6,  review the concept of more.  Hand child 3 or 4 popped kernels.  Ask a child if he would like more. 


Read the following to your child and every time they hear the word "more", have them make the sign language symbol.

            My Mommy asked me if I wanted "more" carrots for lunch.  I said "No, thank you but could I please have "more" peas?  She said yes that I could have "more" peas.  I like my Mommy.


Using ten or more popcorn kernels, grapes, crackers, pennies, etc. place two of these objects on the table.  Ask the child to add one more object to the two objects and tell you how many objects are on the table. (3)  Ask the child to add two more objects and tell you how many objects are now on the table. (5)  Ask the child to add one more object and tell you how many total objects are on the table. (6)


What happens if someone told you that you could not have more of what you asked to have? Why do you think they would say that and how would you feel?

What would be a new rule you would like to make in your home? 


  • popcorn kernels or grapes, raisins, crackers, etc.
  • cup
  • something to drink
  • Language Skills
  • Math & Science Skills
sign language for more