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Learning a responsible task

Month 5 · Activity 12 · Character Traits  


  • Give child a “responsibility” to do this month - decide on the task together   
  • For example, make bed in the morning, sweep floor under table after dinner, or checking lights are off in unused rooms
  • Show the correct way to complete the task
  • Follow up through-out the month that the task is being accomplished
  • Use a calendar and write letter “R” for responsibility on each day the task is completed


Let child do the task for a week if a month is too long.


Every day that the task is completed, give encouragement that the task is finished quicker and better than the day before.  Just doing a task is okay but doing a task well is better.  By consistently working on this one task for a whole month a work ethic skill will be taught.


  • calendar
  • pencil
  • Social Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills