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Read book " Old Henry" and make a "Friendship Branch"

Month 11 · Activity 12 ·   Character Traits  


  • Gather a small branch of a tree to put into a vase to keep for the month.  This will be a “Friendship Branch.”
  • Chat about the child’s friends and why they are friends
  • Ask child to cut open a brown paper bag and give him a round stencil (lid, pan, etc.) about 4 inches wide
  • Ask child to trace around the circle nine times on the paper bag (save for Activity 13 in Month 11)
  • While working continue to chat about ways to be a friend - helpful, happy, shares, etc.
  • Read the story “Old Henry” by Joan Blos


Instead of drawing around nine circles, make only five cirles when tracing around a cup/pan


  •  "Old Henry" by Joan Blos
  • small branch from a tree
  • vase for branch
  • scissors
  • brown bag
  • round stencil (lid, pan, etc.)
  • pencil

Activity Resources

  • Language Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Social Skills