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Reading book "Do Onto Otters: A Book About Manners" and  learning good table manners

Month 3 · Activity 12 · Character Traits  


  1. Chewing with mouth closed
  2. Napkin on lap as soon as sitting down
  3. Using please and thank you (word please is used when you want something  and thank you when you receive something)
  • Write these three habits on a sheet of paper with your child and review them daily before sitting down to eat throughout the month
  • The European Journal of Social Psychology suggested a new habit takes 66 days of repetition.  By introducing and reinforcing good habits to preschoolers, the goal of practicing good manners should last a lifetime 


Practice with a child in chewing with mouth open and then with mouth closed.  Ask what looks nicer.


Let child "read" the three manners you have written down to practice before meals.


  • Language Skills
  • Social Skills