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Read "The Little Engine that Could" while teaching the meaning of courage or Click here to Read/Listen

Month 9 · Activity 12 ·   Character Traits  


  • Read the book  “The Little Engine that Could” by Watty Piper and chat about the word "courage" and how the little blue engine never gave up. Click here to Read/Listen
  • Help a child remember the phrase “ I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...when trying a new activity.  For example, when doing Month 9 Activity 9 repeat the phrase “I think I can....” when making a trail with the dominoes
  • Try to make this refrain part of a child’s thinking when doing challenging activities - climbing slides, writing their name, remembering their address and phone number, etc.
  • Give an example of something you did that took courage (For example, playing in a music recital, taking a trip by yourself, running in a race,  etc.) and ask the child to share their own example of something they did that was courageous


Review saying the refrain "I think I can" three times by giving a child a task and letting them do the task while saying the refrain.  For example, ask child to wash in the kitchen sink a breakable glass (do not choose a family heirloom).  Let them do all the steps:  plug the drain, run the water, add the soap, wash the glass, rinse the glass and dry the glass with a towel.  While they are doing these six steps let child say aloud, I think I can. These four words can become a child's silent encouragement to himself.


Challenge a child with a task they can't quite do - riding a two-wheeler, putting a 40 piece puzzle together, etc. - and let them use the words "I think I can" to spur them on until in a few days or months the new task is conquered.


Describe something you feel your dad or mom has done that is courageous.

Do you think it is okay to be scared of doing something?


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