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Using toys for a memory game

Month 5 · Activity 11 ·   Senses  


  • Place four small object on a table
  • Have child close eyes/blindfold/turn around and have the adult remove one object
  • Child guesses which object is missing
  • Repeat three times removing one of the four objects 


For the first turn, let child remove an object and keep it hidden while the adult, who had closed his eyes, says aloud what object was taken.  Adult should point to the spot where the object was taken.  Next, have child close eyes, and adult removes the same object the child had removed. Point to the spot where the object was removed and ask child to name the object. Repeat in this manner for all four objects.  You could also begin by using only two objects and removing one of them.


Remove two of the four objects and see if child can name the two objects.  Next, try removing three of the four objects and finally remove all four objects for child to tell  you the name of the objects.


  • four small toys/objects (crayon, match box car, plastic figure, etc.)
  • blindfold/scarf 
  • Language Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills