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Discovering sticky items

Month 1 · Activity 11 ·   Senses  


  • This activity challenges a child to think before using their sense of touch
  • Ask the child to name a substance that is sticky or gooey that you can touch
  • For example, if they say honey - squirt some honey on their fingers to verify with their sense of touch that it is sticky
  • Remember to encourage the child to think of an item - tape, syrup, peanut butter, band-aid, glue, etc. before getting the item to touch 
  • Reinforce a sense of touch by asking your child to describe common objects they touch in their everyday life - towel, table, shoes, etc.


Hand a child a book and encourage them to touch and share how it feels in their hands. Talk about how the book cover and the pages feel.


Touch a blindfolded child lightly in the following places and let them identify the body part touched:

forehead, hair, fingers, top of foot, ear, inside of wrist, neck, lips, toes, shoulder, nose, elbow, leg, back of hand, stomach, cheek, knee, palm, back, sole of foot, arm, 

Ask the child where they felt the strongest and weakest touches.
Repeat touching the body parts with tickling! Is there a spot that is so ticklish you always laugh?


What is a favorite food you eat that is sticky?

How would you get something sticky off of your hands?  How would you get something sticky off of your shoe?


  • various sticky items-tape, syrup, peanut butter, band-aid, glue, etc
  • Language Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills