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Read "Harold and the Purple Crayon" and mixing colors

Month 7 · Activity 8 ·   Colors  


  • Read the book "Harold and the Purple Crayon" by Crockett Johnson or Watch/Listen here
  • Put a dab of red paint on a thumb
  • Put a dab of blue paint on the middle finger
  • Rub fingers together to get violet (which is similar to how purple looks)
  • Repeat with a child's other hand

*Fingerpaint or washable paint recommended


Encourage a child to take a red crayon and make any design with lines on the paper.  Let the child talk to you while drawing with the red crayon. Let them take a "walk" like Harold and describe what they are drawing. Now, on the same paper take a "walk" with a blue crayon and again tell you a story about what they are drawing.  Together, look and see if the red and blue crayons cross each other and make the color purple. If not, draw some lines where red and blue do intersect to show the color purple.


Use dabs of other paint on fingers to find new colors;

yellow and blue (green).  yellow and red (orange). 



Can you tell me about a time that you felt lost? 

Name some animals that are colorful.


  • Language Skills
  • Math & Science Skills