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W & N

Alphabet matching activity 

Month 10 · Activity 5 ·   Letters  


  • On white sheet of paper make dotted lines in the shape of W and N
  • Let child trace with each finger - thumb, index, middle, ring, and little finger
  • Next let child trace with pencil and finally a crayon
  • Gather 26 white poker chips (milk caps or paper) and together write a letter of the alphabet on each of the chips with a permanent marker
  • Child will need an alphabet chart/placemat
  • Place chips in a white paper bag and let child shake
  • Child selects one letter poker chip (for example P) and places chip on same letter on alphabet chart (P) 
  • Remind child to say letter name and sound of letter
  • Repeat selecting letter poker chips until all are placed on alphabet chart


  • white piece of paper
  • pencil
  • crayon
  • 26 white poker chips (can use milk caps or paper)
  • permanent marker
  • alphabet chart (you can make your own, or alphabet placemat)
  • white paper bag 
  • Language Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills