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Read "My Very First Book of Shapes" and play a game with deck of cards

Month 8 · Activity 2 ·   Shapes  


  • Read book “My Very First Book of Shapes" by Eric Carle
  • Give child a shuffled deck of cards
  • Ask child to find all of the cards with hearts on them and placing them in a pile
  • Count the heart cards aloud together - there are 13 heart cards


Show child a card with a heart and keep as an example.  Turn over each card in the deck individually for child to compare to the example heart card.  When they see a matching heart card, remove from the deck.  Try to find all 13 heart cards.


Let child separate the whole deck of cards by placing into piles of matching suits - clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, jacks, queens, kings and aces. 


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