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Making a toothpick square

Month 1 · Activity 2 ·   Shapes  


  • Count out four toothpicks and make a square using the toothpicks
  • Remove one toothpick and give it to the child. Ask him to place it back into the square. 
  • Share that a square has four sides and all sides are the same
  • Now remove two toothpicks and give to the child. Let him make a square again filling in where the two toothpicks should fit
  • Hide the square with a napkin and ask the child to make a new square using four new toothpicks. When finished, compare to the covered up square.


Draw a square on a sheet of paper using the same length of toothpicks or craft sticks for the sides.  Let child place toothpicks/craft sticks on top of the drawn square.


Ask child to make a square, with no visual example, using the toothpicks/craft sticks. Ask what other shapes and letters you can make.



What did you learn?

Can you describe a square shape?


  • 8 toothpicks or craft sticks
  • napkin
  • Math & Science Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills