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Brushing Teeth

Listen to song "Teeth" and creating a mouth collage 

Month 9 · Activity 25 · Lifeskills  


  • Look at calendar together and review any special dates - birthday or events - to put on the calendar for this month.
  • Have child place a check mark on the calendar for each day he brushes teeth for the month
  • Listen to the song “Teeth” by Willa Brigham while making this collage
  • Give child magazines and let them find pictures of mouths to cut out and paste on large sheet of paper
  • After a collage of mouths has been made, chat about how the teeth look
  • Let child think of reasons the teeth look healthy - they brush at least twice a day, they eat healthy snacks and food (celery and carrot snacks, calcium-rich foods including milk, yogurt, and cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables) they floss, visit a dentist, rinse mouths, etc.


If cutting is too difficult, let child tear out the pictures of mouths


  • calendar
  • pen/marker
  • Song "Teeth" by Willa Brigham, Album: Healthy Happy Habits
  • old magazines
  • paper
  • scissors
  • glue

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