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Clearing/Setting Table

Learn how to set a table

Month 3 · Activity 24 · Lifeskills  


  • On red construction paper make a template for a place setting
  • Begin by placing plate, silverware, and cup in the proper place on the red paper
  • Correct placement is the plate in the center, knife on right side of the plate, spoon next to the knife, fork on the left side of the plate and cup placed above knife
  • Help child trace around plate, glass, and silverware to make the template
  • Place the template on table and have child set table for family meals using the template 
  • When the child appears ready, let him set table without the template
  • Check together with the red template to see if the table is set correctly
  • Can add napkin on the left side of the plate - next to fork or under the fork


Use plastic, paper, or non-breakable plates so no worries about breakage. To begin, let the child set his own place setting.  When this is done easily, encourage the child to set the table for everyone.


BONUS RESOURCE to help with remembering the steps of a task.

Click here to watch a short video of setting the table that helps a child to establish a goal from Vroom®. Vroom Tips™ help you do more with your shared moments with 1,000+ fun, free activities that don’t require special toys, more time, or money. Vroom is a nonprofit program of the Bezos Family Foundation.


Chat about the sound and letter that begins each object: p - plate; c - cup; s- spoon, etc. Let the child say another word that begins with each of the letters: p,c,and s.


What meal do you like to eat together at the table with your family and why?

What are some chores you can do to help your family?

Why is it important to help each other?


  • red construction paper
  • pencil
  • plate
  • silverware - knife, spoon, fork
  • cup
  • Motor Skills
  • Social Skills