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Body Parts

Knowing body parts through song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and bathtime

Month 2 · Activity 24 · Lifeskills  


  • Play song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” by Countdown Kids album 100 Silly Songs and enjoy all the actions or watch the video here
  • Review these body parts during bath time - Head, mouth, eyes, neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, feet, wrist, knees, toes, belly button
  • Say a body part and the child finds it on himself or a doll
  • Ask which body part is bigger - elbow or belly button; wrist or head, neck or toe, hand or mouth, etc. 


Stand across from child and point to body part named and then let child point to the same body part on his body


Ask the child why the body part stated has an important role in keeping your body safe and healthy.  For example, your ears let you hear if someone or something is approaching  - behind or in front of you.  


How does listening to music make you feel?

When you feel sad, what cheers you up?


  • Math & Science Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills