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Water Play

Using different utensils for outdoor water play and making “swamp” water

Month 5 · Activity 23 · Nature/Science  


  • Fill a large tub/bucket of water outside
  • Encourage a child to explore by giving him plastic bottles to fill, squeeze bottles to squirt, strainers, small plastic watering cans, funnels, plastic tubing, different size containers to empty and fill, etc.
  • When finished playing, remove all the bottles and share that you will now make “swamp” water
  • Add dirt/sand to the water.  Stir up the water and let child watch dirt settle to the bottom

*If an outdoor space isn't available, use a kitchen or bathroom sink. It's up to you if you allow them to make swamp water


Help the child think of words that have to do with swamps: wet, warm, plants, bugs, frogs, mud, water, etc.  See if they can make up a sentence using one of those words.


Share some information regarding swamps: 

A swamp while similar to a lake is much shallower or not very deep. Swamps are covered with water, but allow plants to grow that you can see on the surface.

Swamps are generally dominated by water-tolerant trees.

Click here to learn a rap about wetlands. Swamps are a type of wetland.


Why is water important for people?

Tell me about an important item you own. How did you obtain the item? How do you keep it safe? Do you think this item will always be important to you? 


  • tab/bucket/plastic pool  of water
  • plastic bottles to fill
  • squeeze bottles to squirt 
  • strainers 
  • small plastic watering cans
  • funnels
  • plastic tubing 
  • different size containers
  • dirt/sand 
  • Math & Science Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills