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Tree Adoption

Exploring how the environment changes

Month 9 · Activity 23 · Nature/Science


  • Together with your child find a tree close to your home that will change through the year with leaf color, size, flowers, etc.
  • This tree can be in your backyard, in a nearby park, or on a route that you drive often with a child
  • Take a picture of the tree this month
  • Place a reminder on a calendar together to check on the tree again every two months - for a total of 6 times a year
  • Each time take a picture and post where child can see and compare the changes of the tree
  • Chat about how our surroundings are filled with living objects - trees, plants, animals, etc.


Select a leaf from the tree every few months and place in a plastic sandwich bag to compare how the leaves change


Make a print of tree picture and attach to cardstock paper to make a notecard.  


  •  tree 
  • camera
  • calendar
  • Language Skills
  • Math & Science Skills