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 Under, Up, Down, Tall

Song "The Noble Duke of York" to follow directions and measure family members 

Month 5 · Activity 15 · Target Words  


  • Using a doorframe or strip of paper, measure child and other family members to see how tall each person is in your family
  • Write down on paper each member's height using feet and inches - Quinn is 3 feet and 2 inches, Dad is 6 feet and 1 inch; explain that feet and inches are terms used for measuring
  • Share on the yardstick/tape measure the marks for feet and for inches
  • Play the song “The Noble Duke of York” and have fun with the actions


Measure the height of the child and mark on a doorframe.  Using a yardstick/tape measure body parts of the child so they can see the markings on the yardstick.  For example, measure their thumb, hand, arm, foot, etc. and let child tell you the number on the yardstick that shows the length of each body part.  Talk about inches and feet and which measurement is short and which measurement is long (an inch is shorter than a foot) 


After each family member is measured, let child tell you who is the shortest and tallest member in the family

Using the yardstick/tape measure, let child show you 3 inches or 2 feet.  Continue asking them to find 8 inches, 1 foot and 1 inch, etc.


  • Song “The Noble Duke of York” by Susan McRae from album "Barney's Song Book - 16 Favourites for Kids
  • door frame or long strip of paper; sheet of paper or index card
  • yardstick or tape measure

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