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If, When, Sad, Soon

Activity to learn - who, what, where, when, how

Month 12 · Activity 15 ·   Target Words  


  • Use an invitation to teach who, what, where, when, why - either make up an invitation, look at ours, or save one that you have received
  • For example, let’s look at a picnic/wedding/birthday/etc, invitation and ask child some questions after reading the invite aloud
  • What is this card? - It is an invitation to a picnic.
  • Who is Madison? - She is the person having the birthday.
  • Where is the party ?  It is at Washington Park .
  • When is the party ? On Saturday the 5th of May.
  • Why is there a party ?  It is an event to celebrate turning a year older.

Use the word soon when referring to an event that will happen in a short span of time.  Try this month to share this word "soon"  often with a child.

For example:

  • After you wake up in the morning it will soon be time for breakfast.
  • If the clock says 12:00 P.M. it will soon be lunchtime.
  • Once you get your pajamas on, it will soon be time to get into bed.


Encourage child to make-up their own invitation by telling you what to write down following the - who, what, where, when, why guidelines.  Let child decorate the invitation using crayons and materials from your "art" box.


  • old invitation, use sample or create one of your own
  • Language Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills