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Goodnight, Sweet, Sour, Next

Read book "Goodnight Moon"  with a fun counting activity

Month 10 · Activity 14 ·   Target Words  


  • Read book “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown
  • Write the word "Goodnight" on an index card
  • Go through the book and each time the word "Goodnight" is written or read, let child place a slash mark (line, tally mark, hash mark) on the index card 
  • Count the number of slash marks together. (Goodnight is found 20 times)

*Activity 10 in Month 10 reinforces target words "sweet" and "sour"


When reading the story aloud, emphasize with your voice the word "goodnight" so child can make the tally mark


Teach child how to make a tally mark of five.  This is when you make four verticle lines and then place a diagonal slash over the four lines to indicate five.  Count aloud by five's when all 20 "goodnights" are found.

Let child look at book and find the word "goodnight" on their own, pointing to the word and making the tally mark.  Use another favorite book and choose a word for child to find and tally.


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