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Read "Head to Toe" and practice recognizing pictures, words and numerals

Month 5 · Activity 10 ·   Senses  


  • Read the book “Head to Toe” by Eric Carle or Read/Listen here
  • Ask the child to get the remaining two reading books for this month

                   1) "AlphaBugs: A Pop Up Alphabet Book" by David Carte or Read/Listen here

2) " Deep In The Swamp" by Donna Bateman or Read/Listen here

  • In each of the books let the child find a “picture”.  The child will locate three separate pictures
  • Next, ask the child  to find a “word” in each of the three books
  • Finally, have the child  find a “numeral” in each of the books
  • Reinforce how they use their eyes to “see”


First, let the adult point to a "picture" in the book and then let the child find a different picture.  Next, the adult points to a "word" in the book and let the child find and point to a different word.  Finally, point to a "numeral" in the book and let the child discover another numeral in the book. (look for page numbers) 


When the child has found any word, numeral, and picture, you can be more specific.  Ask the child to find a specific numeral (1, 2, 3, or 4), then a specific picture in the book and finally an actual word (can, you, the, and, etc.)


Can you name an animal and share an action that animal does that wasn't in the book "From Head to Toe"?

How do you think animals communicate?