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Getting "physical" with shape challenge

Instructions Printer-Friendly

  • Cut out 3 circles, 3 triangles, and 3 squares in each of these colors - yellow, red, and blue for a total of 9 shapes
  • Place these shapes around a room or yard
  • Ask child to move (jump, hop, crawl, wiggle,  etc.)  to each shape - red circle, blue square, yellow circle, etc.  
  • Trade places and let child tell you how to move to a shape


Place only the three colors of one shape on the floor for child to move toward. For example place on the floor the three circles in red, yellow, and blue and ask child to move to red circle, and then to yellow circle and finally to blue circle.  Pick up all the circles and now do the same with just the square shapes. Finally, place only the three triangles on the floor for child to move toward.


When all nine shapes are on the ground, give child directions to move toward  two shapes without repeating.  For example, hop to a red circle and crawl to a blue square. If child can recall these two directions give three directions to follow:  roll to yellow triangle, hop on left foot to red circle, and skip to blue square. 


  • 3 paper circles - one red, one yellow and one blue
  • 3 paper triangles - one red, one yellow and one blue
  • 3 paper squares - one red, one yellow and one blue

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Curriculum Plan Resources

Skills Focus

  • Shape - Triangle
  • Color - Red, Yellow, Blue
  • Number - Four, 4
  • Alphabet Letters - D, M
  • Senses - Taste
  • Character Trait - Love
  • Target Words - Day, Later, Night, Now

Monthly Proverb

Arabic-Every day of your life is a page of your history

Did You Know?

"Investing in high quality pre-kindergarten can make every family in America safer from crime and violence. Law enforcement leaders know that to win the war on crime, we need to be as willing to guarantee our kids space in a pre-kindergarten program as we are to guarantee a criminal a prison cell," said Sanford Newman, president of Fight Crime

Books to Read

"The Greedy Triangle"
by Marilyn Burns (Activity 2)

"Mouse Paint"
by Ellen Stoll Walsh (Activity 9)

"The Very Busy Spider"
by Eric Carle (Activity 17) (audiobook available)

Music Playlist

"An Die Schonen, Blauen Donau - Walzer Op. 314 Johann Strauss"
by Berliner Philharmoniker Album 100 Best Karajan 100 Best Classics (Classical) (Activity 20)

"The Alphabet Song"
by Cedarmont Kids Album 100 Singalong Songs for Kids (Children) (Activity 4)

"Love Grows One By One"
by Priscilla Herdman Album Daydreamer (Children) (Activity 13 & 20)

Monthly Materials List

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Fingerplay / Poems / Songs

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

(Activity 21 Month 4)

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout

Down came the rain and washed the spider out 

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain 

And the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again.

Do You Love Me? to “Brother John” tune

(Activity 26 Month 4)

Do you love me? Do you love me?

Yes I do.  Yes I do.

Give me hugs and kisses.  Give me hugs and kisses.

I love you. (kiss kiss sound)  I love you. (kiss kiss sound)